What is CRM?

Deep personal relationships are the base of any successful business. At the beginning, when your customers are mainly people who you know, you can easily remember when their birthday is and send them a 'best wishes' card. But once your business starts to grow, the...

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We’re hiring Senior Web Developer (Freelancer)

Who are we? ITAF is an IT Partner for small and medium sized businesses based in Belgium offering a wide range of ICT solutions. Strongly client-oriented, our enthusiastic team is committed to ensuring that our customers always receive the attention they deserve. We...

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Microsoft Azure

How can ITAF help you?


ITAF’s support for Microsoft Azure helps you set up an environment in the right way, provide your organization with 24/7 operational management and / or increase business security by performing server and security patching.

IT Support & IT partner: Azure Support
IT Partner & IT Support ITAF

IT Support

IT services tailored for any business!

The realization of complex IT systems, supporting your servers and networks, IT infrastructure, cloud services, 24/7 monitoring of your business critical applications and protecting your data are just some of the tasks we thrive in.

We offer a wide range of IT support & Cloud services.

Service Desk: remote & on site support
Monitoring 24/7 and daily backup control
Installation, configurations & repairs
Desktop-, server- & infrastructure suppport
IT Consultancy

IT Infrastructure

Professional and experienced IT partner for ICT Infrastructure solutions and managed services

Our IT infrastructure management services provide customers with technical expertise & experience. We provide professional services to build technical infrastructures in line with the customers’ business requirements.

Our managed services solution ensures that these technical infrastructures are maintained and any incidents, problems or changes are dealt efficiently and in line with the original architecture.

IT Partner & IT Support ITAF - ICT Infrastructure
IT Partner & IT Support ITAF - CloudServices

Cloud Services

Networking, hosting & managed services

ITAF has its own space in multiple data centers where we have an advanced multiservice network build around. ITAF is also recognized by RIPE as an Internet Service Provider

This means that we can provide you Internet access and a private network connection between your office and your servers in the data center.

Hosting & Colocation
Private Office Cloud
Secure Mail Gateway
Network Backup Solution
Cloud Camera Server

Design, Web Development & Marketing

Next to our IT solutions, we also offer our experience in graphical design, web development & online marketing.

Logo, business cards, banner campaign, letterhead, newsletter, car & window stickers, …
Webdesign, website and custom web applications
Web aplication support
Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Management, …

Our software team is here for your business.

IT Partner & IT Support ITAF - WebDevelopment
IT Partner & IT Support ITAF - Hardwarw&Software

Hardware & software

One stop shop for the professional

One stop shop for all types of hardware and software from PCs, laptops, smartphones to servers, VoIP, VPS hosting…  Through our up-to-date knowledge we can advise our customers, perform installation & configuration on site.